Beyond The Brochure Feature:


“Recently, I went to see Little Acorns Grow, a charming Preschool-Kindergarten school in Reseda. Founded in 2011 by Melanie Martin, the director, the school is expanding by adding kindergarten, and grades 1st-3rd.  The kindergarten class is in its first year (there are 4 spots currently open!) and 1st grade will begin in 2015, followed by 2nd grade in 2015 and 3rd grade the year after.

Melanie greeted me at the front of the school to begin my tour. She is friendly and energetic, talking excitedly about her school. It was late morning and the kids were completely absorbed in various classroom and outdoor play activities. The school is small (12 kids per grade), with a very large play space with a garden in the back.  Classrooms are bright, filled with color and newly updated…

Little Acorns Grow is small and nurturing, with a well-developed curriculum, an abundance of learning and play activities and a plan to expand to add grades 1-3. It is the kind of school where my own kids would have flourished.”

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What our parents have to say about Little Acorns Grow

“I met Ms. Melanie, the wonderful, caring School Director, when my son was 12 months old and I began touring schools. I was introduced to LAG through Meet Up and she and Ms. Miranda were wonderful. Although I enrolled my son in a Montessori school closer to my house, I always took him to a few classes at the Lake Balboa location. I decided to enroll my son at Little Acorns Grow Reseda when he turned 2 and he LOVES it! Ms. Imara and Ms. Lauren are loving teachers as well as Ms. Angel and Ms. Leilani. A nurturing, loving yet rigorous and fun learning environment. It’s very inclusive and I’m happy that he is embraced with the love of diversity and security.”


“The Kindergarten program is absolutely fantastic. After just being there for a couple of months my daughter has grown leaps and bounds. She is already able to read through simple books and do basic addition and subtraction. That’s something you are supposed to know at the end of Kindergarten! The teacher really focuses on each students and incorporates their interest into the learning. The class room is brand new and the outdoor playground is grass based (no hot, nasty concrete) with fruit trees and a school garden. It’s really a beautiful school. We couldn’t be happier here.”


“Little Acorns Grow is a wonderful school – you truly get a good feeling from the moment you first walk in. The classrooms are bright and vibrant filled with the arts, crafts, and lessons of the day. The teachers are kind and supportive with the children, and clearly care about their well being. My son attended summer camp at the Reseda location, and he loved the ‘animal camp’. Everyday was a new and exciting adventure with a variety of animals to learn about and experience up close. Not to mention the huge backyard and play space for the children. I was especially impressed by the kindness and consideration shown by the school’s Director, Mrs. Melanie. You can see everyday just how committed she is to providing the most loving, enriching environment to each and every child — no matter if the child is very shy or very spirited. I whole heartedly recommend Little Acorns Grow.”


“My son (4+) came to the school and was not speaking English at all! After one week, he started to speak English, he plays with new friends, loves the teachers and all the school activity. I am so happy that I found this place, I can’t wait to put the little one there.”


“Absolutely a fantastic program with a wide variety of fun educational activities. My daughter absolutely loves it here and I love how much she is learning with such caring teachers. Highly recommended!”


“My daughter attended 3 weeks of their themed summer camps, science, animal, and music. Everyday she’d come home and would be excited to tell us what she did/learned. What more could a parent ask for? But, there’s more…the staff was very accommodating and pretty awesome. They even gave us a call during a week off camp to invite my daughter to a special event. Great school, and it’s unfortunate that don’t live closer for my daughter to attend full-time.”


“I try really hard not to be a “stage mom.“ But I’ve got to say, watching both of my children in their school play – which was absolutely phenomenal! – legitimately feeds my soul. They both did great (as did all of their schoolmates), and so many other parents were generous with their compliments afterwards… My daughter was stunned and speechless when one parent told her “both you and your brother were so, so great! I couldn’t take my eyes off of you guys – I have no words! Truly amazing! Can I give you a hug?“ I stood on the sidelines and swelled with pride. I’m so grateful to Little Acorns Grow Early Learning Environment for giving these kids an opportunity to perform for an audience. Every single kid worked so hard to put on a great show, and it showed! Huge congratulations on a job well done!”

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