Preschool Enrichment

Little Acorns Grow offers a comprehensive enrichment program for our Preschool and Early Start Kindergarten students. Classes vary depending on the season. For a current schedule please contact admissions. All classes are included in tuition.


In Little Acorns Grow art classes children will participate in collaborative process-based projects as well as individual ones they can take home with them. We also incorporate big messy art projects. Painting and sculpting are essential parts in developing fine motor skills.


Music training has showed to greatly improve children’s ability to focus longer and digest information faster. It also helps to build math and memorization skills. At Little Acorns Grow we offer group music classes. During these classes students will work on memorization (simple song and melodies), rhythms and counting, coordination by playing different kinds of instruments, movement and simple composition.

Physical Education

We offer a variety of different physical education classes such as sports, martial arts and dance. Classes will rotate depending on the season, giving the students exposure to a range of physical activity. The students will learn how to work as a team, to wait and take turns and encourage their fellow students to do well.

Animal Encounters

Each week the students will learn and have first hand encounters with a variety of animals from The Critter Squad.


During the week we have one or more science units. These usually entail hands-on experiments with take home results. We also incorporate robotics aspects.