At Little Acorns Grow we have combined grades one through five in a Montessori inspired class. This gives the students the opportunity to have the same teachers through their beginning journey of elementary school, adding an extra sense of stability and security. This way the teachers get to know the students strengths and weaknesses, giving them plenty of opportunity to excel in areas of interest and adding extra time to areas where they might need a little extra help.

Combining the classes also creates a sense of family and community. They become a “family of learners” who support and care for each other, choosing to cooperate rather than compete. We are proud to say that we have 0% bullying at our school. Any minor squabbles will be addressed by the teacher immediately to reach a peaceful solution that the students can mimic if a situation occurs again. The older students have the opportunity to serve as mentors and to take leadership roles and other responsibilities within the classroom as well as guiding the younger students in certain exercises and tasks, adding to their sense of confidence and empathy.

Here at Little Acorns Grow we value individual learning plans. We view our students as unique individuals. Because of this healthy learning approach, the students are able to learn at their own rate. This gives the teacher the opportunity to challenge more advanced students and assist students who may struggle, while still making sure all core units are being taught and accomplished.

We also invite the students to take charge of their learning, by making choices at activity centers and with project work. This sense of “ownership” and self-direction is the foundation for life-long learning.

Because of our small class sizes the students receive one-on-one time with a teacher several times a week. One of the one-on-one activities is reading with a teacher to make sure the students are progressing accordingly.

We balance literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and social studies to create a fun and exciting curriculum our students love. We include hands-on and project based learning opportunities whenever possible. We are proud to have our students leave 5th grade feeling confident and having a strong sense of self.

Positive Daily Affirmations

We believe in fostering a positive self image, where the students feel respected, heard and valued.