Little Acorns Grow has a nurturing and extensive preschool program. Each classroom is broken down by age. Using a blend of educational philosophies, we believe in giving your child as much individual attention as possible. Each preschool day includes free play time, organized play and learning activities as well as enrichment classes focusing on music, art, physical education and hands-on science. Learn more about our enrichment classes here.

Our goal is to help each student grow into a happy, self-disciplined, confident person. By creating a safe and kind environment we foster the individual, enabling our students to live up to their highest potential.

A child’s introduction to learning should be a fun and engaging experience. By nature children are inquisitive and sponges for knowledge. Starting in our youngest class our students’ natural curiosity is supported and nurtured. Our program and even our schedule is flexible to allow for fun and engaging activities that develop social skills and attention span.

Our qualified teachers are specifically trained to guide our students to learn new concepts in fun and engaging ways, with the result of well rounded students in all areas: social, physical and academic. We believe that understanding is the key to an enjoyable learning experience. To that end, we teach and encourage strong communication skills and take care to make sure our students understand what they are learning about in the world around them. Our successful teaching approach is based on learning step-by-step to accomplish independence and self-confidence in our students. Additionally we provide a wide range of hands-on experiences such as art, sciences and animal encounters.

As our students move into our pre-K program they continue nurturing a joy of learning and exploring. Through an understanding of routines, appropriate study habits and the fostering of positive social skills and emotional literacy, the students will have the tools to excel both academically and creatively. We still stress hands-on learning and include arts and developmental props whenever possible.