Our kindergarten class utilizes a varied, fun and exciting curriculum. We believe that the freedom of the students to investigate their own areas of curiosity is important to their development. Because of our small class size we are able to include subjects the students would like to learn about through their unique interests and abilities, by incorporating that into our sight words, math concepts and core skills.

The students and teachers work together to create an enjoyable,  safe and nurturing environment that fosters respect, responsibility, creativity and individuality both in the classroom and on the playground.

Our literacy program is developed to make learning phonics a fun experience while also introducing sight words. We utilize the acclaimed “Handwriting Without Tears” writing program.  The teacher will keep track of individual student milestones to make sure they are progressing at the appropriate rate necessary and will meet with parents throughout the school year.

We also include a fair amount of project-based learning to be able to dive deeper into certain units. These can be individual or team based projects created in the classroom which help build skills in time management, following instructions, working together and presenting in front of the class.

My daughter went from being shy and quiet at the start of her kindergarten year to being confident and communicative. She now has no concerns about speaking in front of the class or sharing her opinion. She is confident in her reading, writing and math skills and is ready and excited to move on to first grade.”  – Parent

The students are taught to respect each other and the class room and to act courteously. Conflicts will be addressed immediately and the teacher will help guide the students through a peaceful resolution so that they can adapt in the future. We consider ourselves a community were everyone feels included and contributes.